“ Viva is the complete package: Beautiful, hot, sexy, smart, and lovely. She ticks all the boxes. I particularly love her green eyes, silky hair, long legs, and smooth skin. She is much hotter than girls in their twenties. I also truly enjoy our conversations. If I ever decide to settle with someone, It would be a fantasy if she’s like Viva.”


“ Viva is just gorgeous!!! Tall, long legs, extremely beautiful face with green eyes and pretty features, smooth skin, pert boobs, and that very soft light brown hair down to her butt. What else can a man ask for! If you see her walking in the street, she is definitely a head turner; she would cause a traffic jam! She claims to be in her late thirties, but she looks like she’s in her twenties. A beauty queen!
Viva’s attitude is also great. Friendly, funny, energetic, talkative. A sweetheart!”


“Viva is the definition of MILF, tall, slinky, amazing boom and the most suckable nipples in the capital… <…> …-man, the way she moves, her soft perfumed hair brushing over may face and chest as she gyrates and grinds me to an amazing explosion.”

—Mr. L

“Viva is the definition of sex…<…>…You come because you want to have an experience and she knows this and makes the whole thing AMAZING! If sex was art, Viva’s sex skills should be in permanent exhibition in Tate Modern!”

—Mr. C

“Marvelous body! Tall, long-legged, beautiful face, average breasts. She is just as stunning as on the website photos, no disappointments here.<…> Also, she’s funny and nice to chat to afterwards 🙂 One of my best experiences.”


“The service was top notch. Viva is a very engaging and pleasant personality and manner which would put newcomers at ease.<…> a very attractive woman – nice long chestnut hair, slim figure, nice pert natural tits and facially attractive.”